About The Artist


I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember.

Born in Melbourne in 1958

I'm a self taught visual artist who has painted from an early age.

I'm qualified in Landscape Design and Construction. Art has been my full time job since our move from the city but I still consult and do garden designs.

My art has been developed from extensive travel and visiting the world's best galleries. As well as a rural / sea change 25 years ago and of course my natural curiosity of how I can express myself.

I feel my art reflects my rather light hearted view of life and I like to blur the line between fine art, good taste and story telling.

I work in most media and have exhibited in both city & country. I have a studio / gallery on the Far South Coast of NSW and for a number of years have been selling my original art and prints from this location.

We have a son who is now 26 yrs old, living and working in London. My partner and I have been together for many more years than that.

All welcome at my studio

david mills