About The Artist


I simply enjoy the act of creating

I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember

Born in Melbourne in 1958

Inspiration for me is everywhere

I have no quarrel with my religious self

My imagination is a coiled spring

It's been said, my shaving skills are poor

I'm irreverent, a little eccentric and political correctness
shits me

I don't think I look like an artist

I love travelling and meeting people (and beauty pageants)

I've hitchhiked across America

It's true absurdity interests me

All things have character and personality

I accept cash donations and actively encourage benefactors

I'm trained in Landscape Design and Construction

Humour is my preferred medicine

I like my Art to have an Australian flavour

A catalyst in my journey as an artist has been visiting the great art galleries of the world

If I was competitive I'd be an award winner

I have a fear of artists statements

I lead a simple life and the Far South Coast of NSW is a great base for my creative self

My partner and I have a 24 year old son and she and I have been together for many more years than that

I don't quite know how to describe my art I leave that to other people

Self taught,,, For me the only way

I am very comfortable in my artist skin

Property development is my sport

Fly fishing is a great passion of mine

I still feel I've got a dance floor presence

I've exhibited my art in city and country but my current focus is online and my open studio

david mills image